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Configurable Sim Racing Rigs

Why make the mission to buy a kart or book an expensive racing experience?
Our racing simulators are safe, easy to use and there’s no risk of fumes or oil stains!

Race Any Car, On Any Track, Anytime!

Unleash modern race cars on the world’s favourite tracks. E-racing is growing and hear to stay.
Joining this awesome esport has never been easier than it is right this second…

Sim Racing Is For Everyone!

Sim racing allows basically anyone who can turn a wheel and reach the pedals to race any car, on any track, anywhere in the world. Historically, racing has been reserved for the wealthy and privelaged, and most of us will never get the opportunity to drive a real race car.

No longer! 

Getting started with sim racing is pretty straight forward. Much like any other form of video game, all you really need to get started is a copy of your favourite racing simulator game. Now, you could go about controlling your car with a keyboard, or a mouse (if you’re weird), or, you could commit and get yourself a wheel and pedal set. 

Most racers reach this point, having bolted their wheelbase to their desk and secured their pedals to the floor underneath their desk, but there is a whole other level of racing available to those who go a little further to build their ultimate sim racing rig.

This is where trueRacing operates, and it’s what we specialise in. 

Building An Awesome All-Aluminium Racing Simulator Starts With Imitating Real Race Car Cockpits


Real Race-Car Dynamics At Home

We iterated our APEX GT all-aluminium racing simulator cockpit over multiple versions to develop a product which replicates the seat, wheel and pedal setup you’d find in a modern GT-class racing car.

More into formula-class racing?

All APEX GT racing cockpits are fully adjustable, allowing you to fully customise your setup to your liking.





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